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Country Region Sectorssort descending Project Title Approval Date Status Commitments (US$) Project Number Project ID Phase
Namibia Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Assessing Viability of Second Tier Banking 10/07/2004 Completed 55,977 247 Phase I
Ghana Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Payments Systems Project Design for the Millennium Challenge Corporation 09/22/2005 Completed 44,550 401 Phase I
Cote d'Ivoire Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Promoting Financial Inclusion and Preserving Financial Stability in Côte d’Ivoire 01/20/2016 Active 487,275 C019 P158045 Phase III
Moldova Europe and Central Asia Banking Insolvency & Creditor/Debtor Regime and Secured Transactions in Moldova 06/05/2017 Active 259,888 D003 P162913 Phase III
Albania Europe and Central Asia Banking Strengthening Deposit Insurance and Resolution Framework 02/02/2012 Completed 119,028 10177 P130439 Phase II
Sierra Leone Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Strengthening Banking Supervision in Sierra Leone (IMF) 11/08/2016 Active 1,498,646 P20 N/A Phase III
Djibouti Middle East and North Africa Banking Banking Supervision 01/01/2010 Completed 150,290 10132 Phase II
Rwanda Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Bank Supervision Capacity Building Assistance to the National Bank of Rwanda 10/01/2010 Completed 96,364 10233 Phase II
West Africa Sub-Saharan Africa Banking West African Monetary Institute (WAMI): Banking Supervision Study 01/27/2003 Completed 123,632 16 Phase I
Kyrgyz Republic Europe and Central Asia Banking Assistance for Drafting Deposit Insurance Legislation (IMF) 02/10/2004 Completed 22,232 186 Phase I
AFR Region Sub-Saharan Africa Banking DFI Prudential Standards 06/07/2007 Completed 20,402 228 P105437 Phase II
Russia Europe and Central Asia Banking Strengthening bank regulation and supervision 05/01/2012 Completed 266,804 10230 Phase II
Tanzania Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Development of Regulatory and Supervisory Framework for DFIs 07/15/2011 Completed 155,200 10066 P127519 Phase II
Georgia Europe and Central Asia Banking Strengthening Financial Sector Supervision 02/20/2009 Completed 70,037 8084 P116153 Phase II
Philippines East Asia and Pacific Banking Financial Modeling for Deposit Insurance 12/04/2012 Completed 328,275 10291 P144061 Phase II
Tunisia Middle East and North Africa Banking Banking Laws’ Modernization and Crisis Preparedness in Tunisia 01/20/2014 Active 107,659 A053 P149635 Phase III
Africa Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Association of African Development Finance Institutions (AADFI): Pilot Implementation of the AADFI Prudential Standards and Guidelines 07/16/2008 Completed 158,436 7005 P111565 Phase II
Uzbekistan Europe and Central Asia Banking Strengthening the Regulatory and Supervisory Framework 06/22/2012 Completed 241,500 10026 P132175 Phase II
Nicaragua Latin America and Caribbean Banking Strengthening Deposit Insurance System in Nicaragua 01/23/2018 Active 114,701 E019 P165327 Phase III
Ghana Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Financial Sector Supervision Strengthening & Consumer Protection in Ghana 02/02/2016 Active 489,359 C021 P151846 Phase III
Philippines East Asia and Pacific Banking Banking Supervision Capacity Building 09/21/2004 Completed 440,127 158 Phase I
Egypt Middle East and North Africa Banking Project Scoping Banking Sector 08/20/2003 Completed 20,085 125 Phase I
Zambia Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Risk Based Supervision 07/15/2011 Completed 376,300 10084 P127312 Phase II
Mozambique Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Bank Resolution and Deposit Insurance in Mozambique 07/05/2017 Active 394,910 D039 P163112 Phase III
Southern Africa Sub-Saharan Africa Banking Eastern and Southern Africa: Regional Bank Supervisors Leadership Training 07/03/2003 Completed 108,362 25 Phase I


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